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Royal not only in name, the magnificent building of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő is home to wonderful exhibitions, fantastic concerts and memorable events. Only the ‘treasury’ is missing...


Although the Palace is a prominent attraction in the Central-Hungarian Region, its concerts, events and exhibitions attracting 200-250 thousand visitors annually (our permanent exhibition has been visited by 2.5 million people since 1996), it hosts weddings, gala dinners, company events (more than 3000 events so far), it is known almost all over the world (it is a destination for the Sissi route, the 4th most beautiful thematic route in the world, a member of the Association of European Royal Residences, the main venue for the Hungarian EU presidency), it is struggling with the same problems as most cultural institutions. And this is a lack of resources. We need your help to resolve this.

Because we know we have treasure in our hands. Join us to share this miracle with others.

Classic support:

Gödöllői Királyi Kastély Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. is a priority non-profit organisation. 150% of the support we receive is deductible from the company tax base. All of us will benefit (you, the Palace, our visitors). (see Act LXXXI of 1996 on Company Tax and Dividend Tax, 7.§ (5) b.)

Marketing support:

We are aware that the classic form of support is not beneficial for all companies. We have therefore drawn up various types of marketing and leasing agreements. The activities laid down in the contracts will naturally be invoiced by the Palace.

As an example: Marketing support for a concert or exhibition

In an agreed form and size, your company will be promoted on all printed materials for a given concert or exhibition. Posters, flyers, newspaper adverts, billboards, adverts on vehicles, etc. This increases your company presence, and your name will acquire a positive association, linked with exhibitions and patronage. This is also a cost effective means of advertising.

To support an event:

If you consider it important to make personal contact with broad-minded and affluent people (potential clients), then you need to meet our visitors. Our family events can attract up to 6000-8000 people. If your company is prepared to move out here for the occasion, with a tombola, presents or perhaps activities for the children, you are sure to find some new clients.  And the rental fee is tax-deductible.

We would also appreciate 1% of your personal income tax.
Please tell your employees our tax number: 18665161-2-13


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