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Gift shop

Learn more about our gift shop!

Gift shop


The range of products on sale has been extended for 2019. At present there are two shops selling unique souvenirs related to Queen Elisabeth and the Palace. The shops are on the ground floor of the Palace, so you can visit them without buying a ticket.


Museum shop

There is a selection of books on sale related to Queen Elisabeth, as well as postcards and gifts recalling the era of the Monarchy.


Royal suppliers’ shop

 In this shop, visitors can find products of outstanding quality from producers who gained the highest recognition possible and became royal suppliers during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy period. The products include china, lace, spices, wines, etc.


Products are also available in unique, Royal Palace brand packages and wrapping.


Gift packages

 You can order or make a selection of gifts, or compile gift packages on the spot. These are recommended for groups and companies, with new offers and discounts every month.



Palace brand goods
The products with the brand name of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő are always carefully selected as they represent Hungarian traditions, quality and creativity. Products are available individually or in gift packages.


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