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The Court is on the move!

The journeys of Queen Elizabeth from Madeira to Mehadia

 The Court is on the move!

The Court is on the move!
The journeys of Queen Elizabeth from Madeira to Mehadia
Seasonal exhibition in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő
From 10 June, 2017 to 1 October, 2017 

 What is the reason for the fact that Elisabeth did not find tranquility ? Why was she looking for a safe place in her travelling ? How did she choose accomodation ? Was it really chosen by her or by someone else? Who accompanied her and organised the Queen's visits ? How did the people and the Habsburg family use to travel in the second part of the 19th century ?
The main line of our exhibition is looking for the answers for these questions. The exhibition represents the beloved places, hotels, villas where she was. It also shows vehicles, documents, letters, drawings and the exciting life of the servants at the time.

The period press used to inform the public about the Queen's traveling. She was using a false name, but everybody knew who she really was. The newspapers were also quoting her false name, but the people knew that it was the Empress of Austria who was there. Since her wedding, she was living the life of the wife of a ruler which means that, even if she was trying to, she could not live the life that she always wanted. The journeys meant safe places, escapes, from her life of hopelessness. Queen Elisabeth loved the Hungarians, she even spoke the language, even is she didn't travel to many places in the country. 


Adult  1500,- HUF
Student  750,- HUF

Combined ticket (permanent + seasonal exhibition)

Adult  3500,- HUF
Student  1800,- HUF


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